About graduation

Your graduation ceremony is the celebration of your achievement. However, you actually graduate beforehand, when your award has been conferred at University Council.

So if you don't want to attend your graduation ceremony, that's ok. You will have already graduated beforehand.

Once your award has been conferred, we will provide your graduation documents to you.

  • We will mail your official testamur to you within 1 - 2 weeks (please allow for postage time).
  • You can access a digital testamur and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement through My eQuals.

Step 1

Get ready to graduate

Once you are in your final session you will receive a graduation invite. You will receive this invite by email. When you receive your invite depends on which session you complete your course. Most invites are sent during the following months:

Session 3, late May - June

Session 1, late May - June

Session 2, late October

Am I eligible to graduate?

Step 2

Check your address

Check that your address is correct so that your graduation documents are sent to the right place. Changes to your address must be made before grade release in your final session.

Check my address

Step 3

Keep an eye on the post

We will recommend your name and degree to the Chancellor. There are monthly submission deadlines. If you miss one cut-off, you can expect your degree to be conferred the next month. After this your graduation documents will be mailed to you within 1 - 2 weeks (please allow for postage time).

Failure to provide your current mailing address may result in your printed testamur being returned to sender or lost. Fees apply if you require your testamur to be resent or replaced.

Submission deadlines



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