Other costs

Get budget-ready for student life. There's always something else to pay for, especially when you're studying at university.

Meals and accommodation costs often make an early appearance in a budget spreadsheet. However, other living expenses also need to be considered.

Living on campus

As a student living on campus, additional costs to think about may include:

  • eating out
  • social and entertainment expenses
  • bills for the internet, utilities, mobile, etc.
  • textbooks
  • course specific requirements.

Based on what you're enrolled to study, additional costs can range from protective clothing to work materials to computing programs and more.

To get an idea of what these costs might be for you, see the course information section of your chosen degree.

Studying online

If you are an online student, additional costs may include:

  • accommodation, food and travel expenses to attend residential schools as part of your course.

An outline of these costs for each session is part of the general residential school information available from Student Services each session.


In addition to course fees, students may be charged for other university costs.

See course fees See additional fees

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