LTE baseband is key to smartphone success or failure?
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Modem (modulation/demodulation device) is a mobile device allows us to connect to the important mechanism of the Internet space. For example, in more advanced USES the LTE smartphone modem chip. If there is no data machine, smart phones can be considered personal information management devices or personal digital assistant (PDA), I remember in the early 1990 s the use of PDA, fang Buddha everything have to do myself. And, if failed to connect to the Internet, you probably can only simple mobile games (such as "gem diamonds").

This paper reference address: just imagine this feeling when the plane can't surf the Internet. In flight mode, you can't connect Internet and send and receive email, that is to say, can't log on Facebook, sets, Periscope, Skype or Facetime. For some people, however, is limited for a long time after the access is likely to be depressed, then, should be "appreciated" the importance of modem chip existence!

Smartphone includes two main parts: data machine and application processor (AP). As mentioned earlier, data machine used to connect to the outside world, and the application processor is basically for games, productivity, and dealing with the outside world information provide operation, video, graphics and audio. According to the two main components measured performance, can be used as performance evaluation of a smartphone value (C/P). Whether to buy a smart phone, of course, there are other considerations, such as shape, size, weight, screen, and even goods appeal, etc.

As a result of the ARM or X86 components have ready-made benchmark, as a result, there are a few smart phone brand application processor performance has been released. However, if the LTE data machine capacity and influence the reliability of the Internet, so whatever application processor with 4, 6, 8 or 10 core CPU becomes irrelevant.

For in the evaluation of data, however, as a reference for people who purchase, LTE data machine performance is not easy to measure. First may take hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy test equipment, is enough to evaluate data machine performance, but this is not the general engineers can make the equipment in the office. However, everyone should agree that attachment capacity (arbitrarily connected to global network) and data speed is the most exciting features of smart phones.

With the best equipped with can measure the performance of the company, usually is the modem chip maker itself, but they generally do not reveal observe your modem or other measurement data for a competitor's products. However, in this year's Computex Taipei (Computex), Qualcomm, Qualcomm shares some competition information, compares their machine with three other competitor data important features of the product.

In addition to qualcomm, currently on the market there are several LTE smartphone modem chip manufacturer's products are widely used in mobile devices, including Intel (Intel), MediaTek (MediaTek), South Korea's Samsung (Samsung), and China's haisi (HiSilicon), al core (Leadcore) with Spreadtrum (Spreadtrum). Although qualcomm did not know which three points out that the figure of rivals, but in the media after the Computex has revealed A, B, C three competitors are mediatek, Intel and samsung. Rival B once several times to open its claim to product performance, but rarely do we see in the market. Therefore, for example, we can see the Computex in published briefing, qualcomm will rival B products are rated as moderate performance. It is worth noting that qualcomm choose to focus on the performance of the three main data to compare machine: transmission speed (throughput), power consumption, as well as the quality of voice calls.

To send them pictures or uploaded to the cloud storage uplink, such as data transmission speed machine is very important. Down link of transmission speed for quick browsing website, YouTube video or receiving them photo applications are more important. Compared with competitors, B qualcomm review its Snapdragon X10 data machine in Germany has faster on the Internet LTE uplink network transmission speed by 30%. Personally, I think this is the point for Intel's data machine is designed in Germany. In addition, X10 data machine in LTE data transmission speed (Category 6) honeycomb edge performance faster by 25%, in the transmission speed of HSPA + 186% faster.

Power consumption is likely to be one of the most concern of the smartphone, especially heavy users and users often need to voice calls. All day it is the primary concern in the use of mobile phone users. We see Apple (Apple), for example, recently for its iPhone 6/6 s smartphone launched Smart 'Case is special Battery shell, is in order to improve the user's Battery consumption. I think cell phone heavy users care about most is the battery life. Compared with competitors, B qualcomm review its X10 data machine better performance in voice of power consumption by 55%, 14% better performance in LTE data, and the standby power consumption in LTE performance is superior to 145%

Because the main purpose of the honeycomb cell phone is used for voice calls, voice quality and better experience is essential. But (has not been popular, most people don't understand the LTE smartphone are back to the circuit switched voice. This may cause interference. Compared with the perfect performance of X10, qualcomm review their competitors B there voice calls error rate of 13%. Because sometimes the user from the LTE gradually shifting to the 3 g network (and vice versa), evaluation of its patents X10 switch in different network time 3 times faster.

When purchasing a smart phone, consumers generally ignored the importance of attachment ability, but the device performance and good user experience will depend on the best connection performance, it especially refers to the honeycomb with wi-fi (LTE) linear. If less attachment ability, your smartphone is basically is in flight mode.

When buying a book, of course, can't judge a book by its cover ", smart phones, too. , however, usually can be regarded as the author's name in the book content index of quality; Similarly, data machine supplier technical reputation, of course is clear indicator of smartphone attachment ability.