2015 CES foresight
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 On CES, manufacturers often display a lot of new technology products, but they only have the effect of leading technology development, it is difficult to rapid commercial. For example, to view the content of the few high-definition TV, difficult to compatible wireless charger, consumers reluctant to buy wearable devices.

Next week, science and technology company will once again use CES show some consumers may have to own the necessities in the future. But the new product the chance of success may not.

As the world's largest trade show, CES is not popular product manufacturing platform. Although CES led the technology development trend, 160000 participants at the end of last year, but many in the exhibition display products into homes, only after years of some products directly. CES last time have a truly sensational product release or Microsoft launched in 2001 Xbox game consoles.

This year, eye-catching device will around the CES booth. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) got the high attention, cars as well as many Internet to make daily life more convenient smart home technology is expected to also become protagonist. Quantum dots TV will be on display, on a giant screen, its better color performance, lower power consumption.

Large scale

The consumer electronics association released figures showing that CES attendees last year a record number of more than 160000 people, up 15% from 140000 in 2011; The number of exhibitors for the 52326, up from 2011 in 51236. The consumer electronics association did not disclose the number of participants and exhibitors registration this year.

"The size of the CES is too large, so if you are absent, someone else will ask the reason," market research firm Gartner analyst Brian brow (Brian Blau) said, "many companies must show CES, whether they want to go to."

In CES history, although the product variety, but many will eventually fail, or spread slowly. Although high-definition television on display at CES 1998 already, but it took seven years to achieve 10% market share. In the 3 d TV at CES exhibition more than five years later, still only a few consumers wearing 3 d glasses to watch the movie.

4 k TV

This year, companies such as SONY, LG electronics will launch new initiatives to promote consumers switch to ultra clear 4 k. Market research firm IHS analyst Jordan Selma byrne (Jordan Selburn), according to a lot of companies will show OLED technology, this technology can make ultra-thin TV show more vivid image quality.

However, selby said, there is no evidence to suggest that media companies and content distributors have a plan for the production of 4 k TV movies and TV shows. And, in 4 k on television can bring more benefits for consumers, the industry still exists controversy. Close watch in the shop, the television screen 4 k on the image quality is better than high definition TV. From normal viewing Angle contrast, however, some analysts believe that the human eye can't tell the difference.

Wireless charging standard

In Las Vegas this year will also be charging standard for the battlefield, it affected the launch of new equipment. Wireless charging technology at present, there are three major groups: Wireless charging Alliance (Wireless Power Consortium), Power Matters Alliance and the Alliance for Wireless Power. They are trying to get their own technology to become the industry standard.

"Wireless charging market growth is hampered by the battle over the industry standards," wireless charging alliance vice President John pizzo (John Perzow) said.

Freescale, di marketing manager Sue home tower lattice (Sujata Neidig) said that even without this tripartite competition, will not belong to the wireless charging technology sector in 2015. She said the freescale chip will be used for wireless charging system. Wireless charging system until the second half of 2015 is expected to roll out to consumers, in 2016 to get wider popularity.

Major producers to reduce the participant

Some companies have reduced the CES exhibition scale. Microsoft is no longer in CES keynote speech or decorate a large booth display products. Microsoft at CES rented more than 2 square feet (1858 square metres) of space, for invited only visit customers and partners.

"CES will many of our most important partners and clients together, so, just like we did in the calendar year, we will take advantage of this opportunity, natural communication with customers and partners." Microsoft spokesman Tony for peralta's (Tony Imperati) said.

Other companies are also reluctant to CES. Apple in 1996 with Dr. Pippin consoles the CES, but not response. Apple is no longer the exhibition CES or sent executives keynote speech.

The absence of the apple and the rise of the mobile world congress robbed people for CES most consumer devices - smartphones - attention.