Denmark's proposed legislation to confiscate immigrants property A wedding ring
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 Local time on October 20, in Slovenia and Croatia border city more wave tile, Slovenia armed forces "escort" refugees from Croatia entry. Walk in front of the police on horseback, thousands of refugees took a long line to walk all the way to the refugees. Since Saturday, thousands of asylum seekers into the territory of Slovenia, force the country to tackle the surge of the southern border of refugees. Slovenian authorities said on Tuesday at least 4000 refugees arrived in the country, including many infants and young children, plus about 8000 refugees have arrived on Monday.

Foreign media reported Wednesday, Denmark's parliament next month for a controversial immigration bill for a vote. Under the bill, cash or property in the immigration will be confiscated.

The Danish people's party (DPP), said the bill is based on the party put forward Suggestions proposed.

According to the bill, the amount of cash or property immigration will be confiscated if it was worth more than 3000 Danish krone, these will be used to pay in cash and property generous benefits they will enjoy. However, there are memorable personal items such as wedding rings and mobile phones from being confiscated.

The Danish people's party, a spokesman for the immigration henriksen, said they wanted to convey one of the most important message is that "if you want to come to Europe, please don't come to Denmark. We have too many immigration problem to be solved... Denmark don't need more immigrants."

Denmark islamic association spokesman imran shah accused the BJP, is to "challenge the (our) bottom line, see if I can achieve racial segregation in the society."

But henriksen, insisted that the pp without any bad motives. He said: "this is just one of our series of recommendations, the goal is to maintain our democratic, countries and cultures.", also someone with the controversial bill during the second world war by exploiting the jews of the German Nazi party and other victims of gold and jewelry of property, but the pp strong support of the Danish centre-right minority government has rejected the criticism.

Denmark's interior minister, the bear said: "if the danes to receive unemployment benefits, they may also have to put value after the property sold more than ten thousand Danish crowns can receive unemployment benefits."