Smartphones to push the broadband revolution 13% mobile phone users only use the
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On December 24, according to reports in the science and technology web site CNET, according to the latest data by the pew research center, mobile Internet access is more and more popular with americans. In the United States, 13% of mobile phone users only use the Internet, smart phones has played a promoting Internet popularization.

In the u.s., high-speed Internet (including broadband and mobile network) is quite popular, 80% of adults have rapid and stable Internet access, smartphone penetration is quite high, also reached 70%, and the proportion of broadband users.

These data are quite good, after all, broadband to the mid - 1990 - s, and smart phones to rise less than ten years, and we are familiar with the fixed telephone, even after hundreds of years of development, penetration and no more than 95%.

In addition, the pew research center in the data and a very worthy of our attention: 13% of us use mobile Internet users, while the proportion was only 8% two years ago, many of them are new users, after they refused to surf the Internet. This new change is constantly bridging the "digital divide".

The data also reveal the inability of the us policymakers, after they are put into large sums of money to promote the popularity of cheap broadband, but in fact their efforts for the remaining 20% net and not appeal.

Combined with previous research data, we can find that the price is not the main barrier, netizens launched broadband because for many, mobile Internet is enough. In addition, age and education level has become a stumbling block to the popularization of the Internet, people in the study found that many of the 65 - year - old people over the age of no interest to the Internet.

For the rest of the "stubborn", I'm afraid the popularization of Internet knowledge and its importance is the top priority, and for most no net, a high-speed stability, feature-rich, ease of use of mobile Internet access is what they need most.