Britain will introduce the traffic rules Punish driving offenders on your cell p
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 According to the UK car magazine Autocar12 21 reported that the British government will take more strict "road safety planning, severely punish violators of mobile phone use while driing and often teach not to change.

The current scenario, a cell phone drivers will be fined 100 pounds (about 964 yuan), the three points. Truck driver was fined 100 pounds (about 964 yuan), six points. Because of heavy duty truck is easy to cause major accidents. First-time offenders are still using education again not fine.

According to the department of transportation statistics, in 2014 the English a total of 1775 deaths in road traffic accidents, increased by 4% than last year. Among them, 21 major accident is the main reason of the driver call while driving.

The department for transport minister Patrick McLoughlin (Patrick McLoughlin), said he wants the public to drive the use of mobile phones as like "taboo" is not wearing a seatbelt. "Using a cell phone while driving is very dangerous," he explained, "our message is clear: when driving, both hands should be steering instead of mobile phone. If you keep on talking on a cell phone, you will be banned from driving on the road."

, chairman of the British automobile association (AA) King (Edmund King) said, "call while driving has caused a lot of the accident, many drivers also require officials to take action. According to our survey, three quarters of the pilot said most of the time they will see others call while driving, a quarter of the driver to go out every time you will find the irregularities. The vast majority of drivers support heavier fines and penalty, to strengthen the education of the pilot, in order to solve the phenomenon of illegal talking on a cell phone."