Mobile phone system camp differentiation is obvious Ali cloud system rise quickl
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          Past the android mobile phone system, apple and Microsoft theculmination three cent world situation may be changed. According to the overseas market, according to research firm idc data global 2015 theculmination equipment shipments of about 31.34 million, only about 1.8% market share. Previously, the proportion of roughly from 8% to 10%. Xinji lack, especially lack of selling flagship model is one of the biggest reason.

The top two android and apple's ios system, still haven't changed much. But it is worth noting that in the more differentiation of the market, on the basis of the android derived classes of the android system such as ali cloud system is developing rapidly. Market-research firm, recently released by the mobile smartphone operating system market research report, according to domestic 2015 ali cloud models of shipments is expected to be 33.1 million, about 7.1% of the domestic market share. Smart phones with ali cloud system is mainly Newman, meizu, wei, pepper, and some tablets, smart watches, smart car rearview mirror, and so on. Especially in the meizu as the mainstay, meizu, according to the annual sales has just released 2015 meizu smartphones sold more than 20 million.