Google test using a mobile phone password-less log in to your account
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Phones, the Sydney morning herald reported are we with the equipment at any time, Google now want the user to use a mobile phone login authentication Google account, enter the password of steps. Google confirmed that in the selection of the user test only use mobile phone to log in.

On Tuesday Reddit (red di network user Luo Xide Paul (Rohit Paul) in red di Internet revealed he drafted by Google. Google spokesman said: "we invited a few users to help test new method don't need a password to log into the Google account." Test does not require the user to enter the password, but allow the user to allow Google send authorization information directly to their cell phones.

Paul in red di Internet said: "if you click on the (mobile phone), do not need to enter the password, the computer will be able to log in to your Google account." CQR Security co-founder and chief technology officer and DE koninck (Phil Kernick) think Google password-less test is practical development, says people can better protect the phone.

He said: "Google hopes to different single cell phone authorization to replace the current single password authorization. Just look from feeling, it's not safer than using the password), but from a practical point of view, it would set the password to people much better." Recently released LogRhythm workplace safety report shows that 19% of Australian workers all passwords are the same, it is easy to hacking.

Google's mobile phone user authentication method can through own items, rather than others may get password, which reduces the risk. Paul points out that the function can only be used in security devices, users have to unlock the phone before agreed. Technology site VentureBeat announced Google to Paul's email, mail said to participate in the test account holders "don't need a password, but you can if you want to continue to use password".

In the foreseeable future, Google will retain the function of the password, prompt the user for a password when appear suspicious activity, improve the safety. If did not carry a cell phone or no electricity, user test still can choose to use a password, can also be modified at any time and account bound to cell phone number.