• 2015 CES trend of consumer electronics

    As away in 2014 and 2014, the annual CES consumer electronics show in January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas kicked off again. As one of the most important science and technology trade show every year, CES fair every year to attract numerous manufacturers, all

  • 2015 CES foresight

    On CES, manufacturers often display a lot of new technology products, but they only have the effect of leading technology development, it is difficult to rapid commercial. For example, to view the content of the few high-definition TV, difficult to c

  • Denmark's proposed legislation to confiscate immigrants property A wedding ring

    Local time on October 20, in Slovenia and Croatia border city more wave tile, Slovenia armed forces escort refugees from Croatia entry. Walk in front of the police on horseback, thousands of refugees took a long line to walk all the way to the refuge

  • Smartphones to push the broadband revolution 13% mobile phone users only use the

    On December 24, according to reports in the science and technology web site CNET, according to the latest data by the pew research center, mobile Internet access is more and more popular with americans. In the United States, 13% of mobile phone users

  • Britain will introduce the traffic rules Punish driving offenders on your cell p

    According to the UK car magazine Autocar12 21 reported that the British government will take more strict road safety planning, severely punish violators of mobile phone use while driing and often teach not to change. The current scenario, a cell phon

  • Mobile phone system camp differentiation is obvious Ali cloud system rise quickl

    Past the android mobile phone system, apple and Microsoft theculmination three cent world situation may be changed. According to the overseas market, according to research firm idc data global 2015 theculmination equipment shipments of about 31.34 mi

  • Google test using a mobile phone password-less log in to your account

    Phones, the Sydney morning herald reported are we with the equipment at any time, Google now want the user to use a mobile phone login authentication Google account, enter the password of steps. Google confirmed that in the selection of the user test

  • The design process of the phone

    The design process With a relatively simple interpretation, the general mobile phone design company is need to the most basic has six departments: ID, MD, HW, SW, PM, Sourcing, QA. ID (IndustryDesign) industrial design Including the appearance of the

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