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  • 2015 CES trend of consumer electronics

    As away in 2014 and 2014, the annual CES consumer electronics show in January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas kicked off again. As one of the most important science and technology trade show every year, CES fair every year to attract numerous manufacturers, all

  • The history of the international consumer electronics show

    In 2014 Surface of TV is the main point of home appliance, 2014 GeChang are introduced a curved surface screen products, samsung bendable UHD TV even support surface with a key switch function, the plane will no doubt be the highlight of the exhibiti

  • The design process of the phone

    The design process With a relatively simple interpretation, the general mobile phone design company is need to the most basic has six departments: ID, MD, HW, SW, PM, Sourcing, QA. ID (IndustryDesign) industrial design Including the appearance of the